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Dear friends,

A few years ago I didnt think it would have been possible for me to look the way I do now. Since high school I had been putting on fat at a mortifying pace, particularly after my second pregnancy. I honestly thought that getting fatter over time was just a part of being an adult, right along with having a mortgage and car payments.

The battle of the bulge was being lost in my closet,
sometimes on a weekly basis.

5 and 200lbs is not a fun place to be. I can vividly recall how uncomfortable life was as an obese woman!  I would literally grow out of clothes in the course of a week. The fat rolls on my tummy hung over my waistbands, no matter how many times I tried to tuck them in. Shorts were unflattering to wear because my thighs would rub together, causing them to ride up my legs rather than hang down properly.  Worst of all, I was losing my face as fat obscured my cheekbones, hung over my eyes and created a double chin. It was getting so that I didnt recognize the moon-faced girl in the mirror any more. 

I was losing myself in a layer of fat!

The physical changes werent the half of it! The fatter I got the more embarrassed I became. I started to hate who I was and this self-loathing sunk me into a depression. It was easier to withdraw than to face what was happening to me. I hid myself from my friends and familyand even my husband. The shame haunted me and I came to believe he deserved someone pretty and skinny, not me. Our marriage was headed for disaster if something didnt change FAST.

Of course I was exercising and trying to eat right!

Well, at least I thought I was doing everything right. This is one of the biggest reasons I felt so out of control. What I thought was healthy wasn
t. How could I possibly know any differently? As you know, most information about health and fitness in the media is unreliable, unscientific, confusing and contradictory. There seemed to be no way to win, that the only solution was to surrender to the fat and accept it as average and normal.

What happened between then and now? you ask, How can I possibly do what you did?

I had to buck the system and change the rules. It seemed weird at first, but the more I changed my way of thinking and my family
s lifestyle the more fat I lost. I found ways to make it easy, effortless and FUN!  Looking back, I cant believe that I lived the way I did. I wouldnt go back to my old ways for all the money in the world! 

This is exactly what I want to share with you in this book! I want you to experience the freedom and empowerment that comes with taking control of your body and your life. Every woman should be in the drivers seat when it comes to diet and exerciseit is where you belong.

This book is going to show you how to claim health and fitness for yourself. Im going to give you the straight facts and the practical knowledge to build your dream body.  Along the way you will learn how to spread you wings and fly as you lose the self-hate and find your inner joy. 

You dont want to waste another second of your life being fat and unhappy! This is my invitation to you to join me in giving women power over their lives!

What if I said I dont want you to exercise another day of your life?

Exercise should never be viewed as punishment for being FAT. This is one of my secrets to health and ultimate fitnessI play my way fit. I just dont understand how we have come to think that playgrounds and fun are for children only. We can learn a lot from our children who will think nothing of slaving all day to build a tree fort.

Lets rethink how we are supposed to exercise.  Who made up the rules anyways?  It is about time we made up our own!  I promise that you will never look at exercise in the same way again after reading my book. 

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Are you ready to get past limiting notions?

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Do you want to become the sexy woman outside that you are inside?

This is what "Free To Be Fit!" is all about. It's not just about my personal journey. It's about how YOU can make the journey yourself. I'm here to work with you all the way.

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Janis Hauser, CPT

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